If you have an oval face, nearly any hairstyle will flatter your features. If you have thin hair, choose styles that give an illusion of thickness: gel your bangs in the front and sides with mousse or gel. Alternately, wear your hair parted to the side and change it from time to time so that it gives the appearance of thickness. Use shampoos fortified with wheat protein, vitamin B and that are labeled for "volume" to fatten each hair strand.

Fatten Your Thin Hair

Select shampoos, conditioners and styling products marketed from thin or fine hair. For example, some of these shampoos will include hydrolyzed wheat protein to cling to the hair and encourage the hair follicles to lie flat, "fattening" each hair for the look of thicker, more full-bodied hair.

Use lighter conditioners that won't weigh down and flatten down your hair, giving it a thinner appearance. Using appropriate hair spray, hair "muds," gels and mousses add more hair product to the hair to give it more thickness.

Hairstyles for Women

Fine hair can be cut into pixie haircuts with a thick fringe of bangs to brush over the forehead, giving a look of thicker hair. Side-parting can do the same.

Longer hair is OK if it is not longer than chin length. Keeping your longer hair trimmed to the top of the shoulders provides a "curtain" of thicker hair. Trying to grow fine or thin hair very long can risk looking stringy. Blow dry your straight hair with a full-round brush to create volume. If you have curly hair, use hair gel and "crunch" the curls gently as you use a special heat buffer attachment to blow dry your hair.

Hairstyles for Men

Men with fine hair can opt for closely cropped hairstyles, aka Ceasar as seen on George Clooney in recent years. Rather than letting a receding hairline become more prominent by wrapping a thin swath of hair around it, go for a closer cut. You don't have to get a buzz cut, but draping thinning hair over bald patches is a dead giveaway. Style the hair so that you reverse brush it lightly with gel so that fine hair appears thicker. Getting a trim every six weeks might help to keep your thicker-looking hairstyle intact.