Any woman with a round face who wants the most flattering haircut should look for styles that narrow her face. Browse through magazines for ideas and talk to your stylist. There are flattering styles for your face shape whether you prefer your hair long, short or somewhere in between. You can even copy styles worn by celebrities like Drew Barrymore or Kate Winslet, both famous actresses with round faces and great hairstyles.

Focus on Volume

Because round faces are widest at the cheeks, you need to balance the wideness to create a slimmer look. Volume should be at the top of the head; if you have volume on the sides, your face will look even rounder.

Place fullness at the crown and top of the head to make the face appear longer. You may need layers cut into the crown or you may need to use volumizing products for fine hair.

Short Styles

Tapered cuts that are cropped closely on the sides are good for round faces, especially when the crown is high and/or layered. Create volume for straight hair with mousse, and control curly or wavy hair with gel.

Bobs work well with round faces so long as you wear a side part. The bottom of the bob should fall past your chin; when hair stops at your chin, it emphasizes the roundness of the face. Straight and wavy hair work with bobs. The volume and fullness of wavy hair can balance your round face; just keep the fullness on top of the head and below the cheeks.

Wear styles that are swept back off the face to minimize roundness as much as possible, as well as styles directed to one side.

Medium to Long Styles

Any medium to long hairstyle that has a full volume crown will slenderize a round face. Accentuate long, straight hair with wispy or asymmetrical bangs. Keep hair past chin length for an elongating effect.

Soft waves parted on one side will help make your face appear slimmer, as will styles that pull the hair back with either a dramatic side part or wispy bangs. Direct bangs to one side to further narrow the face.

Avoid These Styles

To best flatter your round face, avoid these styles: anything that’s very closely cropped all over; straight, blunt cut bangs; center parts; styles with rounded, chin-length edges; stick-straight hair; styles with flat crowns; or rounded hairdos.