The best fake eyelashes can bring out the glamor in your eye makeup. Designed to give a full-volume effect or sparkle for extra shine, fake lashes can enhance your creative or natural style. The best fake lashes can range from affordable to designer in price and are available in a variety of styles, shapes, colors and sizes.

MAC Lashes

MAC false eyelashes are handmade for exact specifications, with each pattern and design shaped and created to give a striking effect. Whether the look you desire is natural or dramatic, MAC lashes are available in a wide selection of shapes and densities. Proper care of MAC lashes enables you to reshape the pair for multiple use. The MAC line also offers false bottom eyelashes, as well as adhesives sold separately.


ARDELL offers lash styles that are designed to fit mood, personality and lifestyle. A popular product among some makeup artists and Hollywood A-listers, Ardell is sold at most pharmacies across the United States. ARDELL offers false eyelashes in a large variety of styles and colors, as well as accessories like lash curlers and combs. Ardell also offers a bestseller list to choose from and lashes to fit your specific eye shape. Combination packs, with adhesive included, are available, or you can purchase adhesive separately.

Shu Uemura Lashes

Shu Uemura’s false eyelashes are designed to stimulate creativity and dramatize your look. Shu Uemura’s Tokyo Lash Bar has become a hot and trendy false eyelash choice. Colors include blue, red, brown, pink and black. Choose from styles that add volume and sparkle with reflective rhinestones, or shimmer like a mirrored disco ball. Shu Uemura also offers partial eyelashes for an enhanced natural look. Adhesive is sold separately.

Revlon Lashes

Revlon false eyelashes are sold in kits with adhesive glue included, as well as self-adhesive ready. The Revlon Lash line offers five different styles that feature a patented technology to ensure long-lasting staying power with flexibility. Styles include beyond natural eylashes, runway eyelashes, fantasy lengths glue-on lashes and fantasy lengths maximum-wear self-adhesive eyelashes.