It takes skill to select the perfect wine, so choosing just the right cheese to accompany the wine makes planning an elegant meal or dinner party doubly hard. The selections can be dizzying as the number of imported and local cheeses continue to rise. Make the pairing perfect by analyzing the flavor and strength of the cheese with the type of wine you are serving.

White Wine

White wine matches best with soft cheeses and stronger flavors These cheeses have a layer of fat on them that typically does not pair well with red wines. Some examples of cheeses that compliment white wine are Brie, Camembert, Mild Cheddar, Swiss, Goat Cheese and Gouda.

Red Wine

Red wines go better with harder cheeses and milder flavors. Some examples are Gorgonzola, Sharp Cheddar, Stilton and Blue Cheese. Port is a great choice with Gorgonzola, and Shiraz is terrific with a Sharp Cheddar.

Sweet Wines

Fruity and sweet wines work best with a range of above average strength cheeses. Remember, the stronger the cheese, the sweeter the wine should be. Any blue-veined cheese or mold cheese is a perfect choice with a sweet wine. For example, Parmagiano or Romano are great choices with any fruit wine.

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Wine and Cheese Pairing