Determining the shape of your face will help you to choose flattering hairstyles. A square-shaped face means you have an angular jaw line with sharp edges and a wide face. It is a rare face shape, but many celebrities share this trait, including Katie Holmes, Jessica Simpson and Mandy Moore. Someone with a square face must be very cautious when adding bangs to a hairstyle. You want to emphasize your eyes and cheekbones, and soften your jaw line. The right style of bangs can help you achieve those things.

Layered Bangs

Ask your hairstylist to give you layered bangs that begin at your eyebrows, or you could go a bit longer so they hit at your cheekbones. This is very flattering especially if swept to the side. It will help offset the angular shape of your jaw line, and soften those sharp lines.

Wispy Bangs

A few wispy strands that fall across your eyes or hit at your cheeks can be flattering for a square face. The style adds a carefree, breezy look to your hair, and it is very low maintenance. This type of bang will look beautiful especially if you are someone who likes to wear her hair in ponytails or updos. Just pull out a few wispy strands to frame your face. It will pull the attention toward your cheekbones and eyes. Avoid wispy bangs that hit at your jaw line. These bangs are common with chin-length bobs, they will only emphasize the square shape of your face.

Angled Bangs

Ask your hairstylist to give you bangs that are full and textured with an angled tapered shape at the end (a razor cut will do the trick). The bangs will sweep by themselves to one direction. This style of bang will not add bulk to your hairstyle, and it will take width away from your face. It will help round out the shape of your face, softening sharp lines. It also pulls the attention toward your eyes.

Bangs Don’t

Do not ask for heavy blunt bangs that cut directly across your forehead. This type of hairstyle will only enhance the square shape of your jaw line. The straight line of the bangs will mimic the straight square shape of your face, adding width; that is exactly what you want to avoid. It is also best not to have layers begin at your jaw line, which will only serve to accentuate the square shape of your face.