Both Tempur-Pedic and Sleep Number beds can provide a comfortable night’s sleep and good body position to help you feel well rested in the morning. Personal preference is the deciding factor between the two.


There are nine different sleep systems available from the Tempur-Pedic company. Sleep Number has five beds to chose from and there are 100 different levels of mattress firmness to select from.


Tempur-Pedic mattresses adjust to your body and support it entirely, while Sleep Number beds allow for you to select how firm you would like your mattress to be in order to achieve optimum comfort.


Tempur-Pedic mattress’s soft foam technology is weight sensitive and will move under you in order to support the heaviest parts of your body more than the lightest. Sleep Number beds allow you to pick a number, 0-100, that determines the stiffness level that you prefer.


Owners of both beds state that they provide lasting comfort. While Tempur-Pedic memory foam adjusts to your body, Sleep Number gives you options.


Both mattresses average right around $2,000, Tempur-Pedic tends to be slightly more expensive than Sleep Number beds.

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