Black hair has specific needs in terms of care and management. As it tends to be more dry and coarse than other hair types, it can be more difficult to manage on a daily basis. Thus, super short hairstyles are ideal for black women. But, even though the hair is super short, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t many different hairstyles that you can choose from and wear.


One idea for a super short hairstyle that is sassy is a spiky style. This is a versatile style and one that you can wear in different ways. Get the side and back of your hair cut really short. Leave the top of your hair 3 or 4 inches long. You can even leave it a bit longer, but not too long as it won’t be able to be spiky enough. Use gel to just stick the hair up and spray with a touch of hairspray if needed.

Finger Waves

Give your short hair some retro style by creating finger waves in your hair. Your hair will have to be quite short, especially on the sides and back. Leave the top and front a bit longer. Use gel and pomade and a curling iron to create finger waves across the front and top. This is a style that was worn by old-time Hollywood actresses.


Another super short style is to wear your hair curly and natural. Keep the hair 3 to 4 inches long. After you wash your hair, add gel to it and scrunch your curls and allow them to dry naturally. If some of the curls need more direction, use a small curling iron to make the curls or wrap the curls around your finger and use hair spray on them.


Try a pixie cut that is short all over, including the bangs. This is an extremely low maintenance look that is very well suited to black hair. The hair should be cut extremely short on the side and back and only about 1 inch longer on the top and front. There shouldn’t be bangs. The front of your hair will lie just over the top of your forehead.