SunQuest Pro tanning beds are delivered to the client almost fully assembled. According to Wolff Tanning Beds, the beds are delivered on an 18-wheeler, 98 percent pre-assembled. The remainder of the assembly should only take about 20 minutes for one person.

Unpack the unit from the packaging. The bed comes in two cardboard cartons. Simply remove the plastic sheets and pull the bench from the carton bottom. It would be best if you had help for this step. Pull the canopy from the packaging in the same manner. Check all items for damage.

Lay the bench upside down on the floor and find the two stand legs. Remove the six bolts and washers that come installed in the bench. Use these bolts and washers, attach the stand legs. Tighten with the Allen wrench.

Turn the bench back over. Install the hinge brackets to the ends of the bench. Secure using the included bolts and Allen wrench.

Install the bushings into the hinge brackets. Lift the canopy of the bed and place the hinge bracket between. Insert the bolts with nylon washers into both hinge brackets. Tighten the bolts into the end-cap threaded inserts until snug.

Locate the mechanism on the gas springs that causes them to lock. Remove the locking clip and then install the gas spring. Have someone hold the canopy of the bed open while you align the ends of the gas spring ball joints with the pivot studs and push them into place. To verify that the gas springs are working, lift and lower the canopy a few times. This will also lubricate the gas springs.

Locate the canopy to bench power cord. Align the terminals and firmly push until the cords are connected. Tighten the threaded locking ring to secure it in place.

Plug the 120-Volt AC power cord into an outlet. Use this outlet as a dedicated outlet solely for the use of the tanning bed.