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Coconut water is the liquid inside of a green coconut. The water is typically used as a drink to replace electrolytes or flavoring in raw and cooked dishes. If coconut water is not available, substitutes can be used.

Coconut Milk and Water

Mix together equal parts coconut milk and water. Coconut milk is a concentrated form of coconut water. For instance, combine ½ cup coconut milk with ½ cup water to create 1 cup coconut water. Refrigerate extra coconut water and use within a week.

Coconut Meat and Water

Measure the amount of water needed for a recipe and pour into a blender. Add chunks of coconut meat and puree until smooth. Strain the coconut water through cheese cloth to remove any remaining chunks of coconut. Measure the coconut water again for the recipe. The coconut meat may add liquid to the mixture so you may have too much coconut water. Refrigerate remaining coconut water for later use or discard. Coconut products should be used within one week of preparation.

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