A buzz cut is a striking hairstyle often associated with masculinity or a military way of life. One of the most low-maintenance hairstyles, a buzz cut can highlight strong facial features. Although buzz cuts are typically worn by men, there are a variety of buzz cuts that women can also wear for an especially eye-catching look.

One-Length Short Buzz Cut

The simplest buzz cut trims the hair very close to the head, retaining one length of hair over the entire scalp. This low-maintenance style is suitable for thinning hair. Typically, this style is for men, but some women can pull it off well. Famous actresses Natalie Portman and Demi Moore have both worn buzz cuts with good results.

Buzz Cut with Sideburns

One variation on the buzz cut is to keep the hair a little longer, around 3/8-inch, and allow the sideburns to grow sideburns. Sideburns are not typically part of the standard military-style buzz cut. They can add a touch of rebellion to a hairstyle usually associated with strict discipline.

Buzz Cut with Patterns or Designs

Another unorthodox twist on the classic buzz cut is to shave patterns or designs into the hair after buzzing the scalp to one length. This style isn’t for everyone, but it will certainly draw attention. Patterns or designs might include a soccer-ball pattern, a well-known logo or character, or a word such as a name.

Buzz Cut with Longer Hair on Top

A subtler variation of the buzz cut is to allow the hair on the top of the scalp to grow longer. The hair on top might be given a square-shaped cut to maintain the military look, or it might be grown out more naturally to make the buzz cut style softer and less harsh. This more relaxed hairstyle isn’t as bold as a traditional buzz cut or a buzz cut with patterns.