Using a scrunching technique enhances the texture of naturally wavy hair, or hair with loose curls. Rather than using a curling iron to create waves, when scrunching your hair, you use only a hair dryer and your hands to create texture. Use a diffuser, since a gentler air flow will allow waves to develop naturally as you scrunch sections of your hair, according to

Gently Scrunched

Often scrunched hair looks “crunchy,” fixed in place with too much styling gel. A softer scrunched look gives you a more natural style. Scrunch in a little styling product for definition if you like, but don’t go overboard. See the photo on the Hair Boutique website for an example of long, gently scrunched hair. It has a tousled rather than frozen look.

Straight and Scrunchy

Give hair even more texture by making some sections straight and others scrunchy. Leave long, sweeping bangs straight, along with a chunk of hair on the side of your head, so you have one big straight section. Scrunch the rest of your hair to give it volume and waviness. This funky style is sure to turn heads.

Scrunchy Bob

If you have short hair with lots of layering, it will probably scrunch easily since nothing is weighing it down. Take advantage of your hair’s natural ability to bounce by scrunching it. Add even more volume by bending your head forward as you dry it. If you want to add a bit more curl, use a curling iron on some strands, then run your fingers through the curls to loosen them up.

Short Waves

Even if you have very short hair, scrunching can add variety to your look. The hair must be just long enough to add a little wave. A little styling product will help give this style definition. This look is very trendy whether you have longer hair on top and cropped hair on the sides (an asymmetrical cut), or short hair all around.

Medium Waves

To give medium-length hair definition, part it on the side or create a diagonal part. If you have long bangs, sweep them across to the side with less hair to create texture. Check out examples in The Medium Wavy Hairstyles, especially Shiri Appleby’s hairdo.

Playful Scrunched Style

Add a colorful headband for a playful look. Pull your hair back into a half ponytail, after teasing it slightly in the back. Use a pretty barrette to fix it in place. Push your bangs back with the headband, pushing it to near the middle of your head, or if you prefer, let them hang down.