Starbucks Barista Solo Coffee Press Instructions

By John Smith

The French press is an alternative to drip based coffee machines that offers more control over the coffee beans and water. You can add as much or as little coffee grind to the mix depending on how strong of a cup you prefer, and you control how much time the coffee and water mix together. Starbucks makes a French press that combines the convenience of a thermal mug, perfect for those on the go who only need a single serving.

Prepare your own French press style coffee.

Step 1

Heat 20 ounces of water on the stove until just boiling.

Step 2

Remove the pot of water from the hot stove and wait 30 to 45 seconds for the water to slightly cool. The water needs to be hot to extract the flavors in the coffee beans, but if it is too hot the water can burn the coffee beans.

Step 3

Open the top lid of your Starbucks Thermal press and add two and a half to three rounded tablespoons of coffee into the mug. Add a little more or less depending on whether you want a heavier taste or coffee that is slightly weaker.

Step 4

Pour the heated water into the thermal mug and mix the grinds with a spoon. Pull up the press plunger connected to the top mug cover so that the mesh filter is retracted. Put the top on the thermal press and wait two to three minutes depending on how strong you like your coffee.

Step 5

Press down on the press plunger to push the mesh filter down through the coffee mixture. Press slowly to make sure the grinds don't come out of the top from too much pressure. You can now enjoy the coffee in the travel mug, or pour the mixture into another cup. Drink the press coffee immediately because the longer it sits in the grinds, the more bitter it will become.