Short hair on females was historically resented by most stylists, up until the 1980s when supermodels began to cut their hair short in a style known as a “bob.” Bob cuts have since become a favorite hairdo as they provide functionality, volume and emphasis on a woman’s face. Stacked bob hairstyles meanwhile offer more than just the functions of a typical bob cut; they add shape, attract freshness and are suitable for almost all types of hair.


Stacked bob haircuts are designed to draw attention to a woman’s face from whichever angle she may be seen. Unlike other short haircuts that provide only a good view of the woman’s head and face from a certain vantage point, stacked bob cuts allow the head to move and tilt in various directions and still look fixed and pretty. The shape of stacked bob cuts also gives the woman’s hair more volume in the back and covers certain facial features that the woman may choose to hide.


The design of stacked bob cuts follows the basic characteristics of the regular bob cut, but with an added flair in the rear. The style starts with one asymmetrical point on the head, and from there the cut and volume of the bob are determined. Stacked bobs offer versatility; by use of styling tools and products, you can create a more stylish and emotional look from your short hair. Some modern stacked bobs also come with fringes, which serve to make the hair look longer than it actually is.


Stacked bob hairstyles are effective on almost all hair types. Bobs of this variety cater to the need of carefree, busy women who have no time to style their hair to perfection on a daily basis. Through light lifts and teases, the bob can look just as fashionable as the wearer desires. For those who are uncomfortable with long hair, stacked bob cuts help them feel comfortable while maintaining a high sense of style.


Stacked bobs, like many other hairstyles, have evolved throughout the years. Some are now inverted, while others come with spiked ends at the back to promote more spunk and emphasis. The side locks of the bob serve to frame the wearer’s face and, by growing or cutting the length, may also change the overall look of the person wearing it.


Countless fashion icons and popular female personalities have sported stacked bob cuts over the years. Among them include singers Rihanna and Kelly Clarkson, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and actresses Eva Longoria and Katie Holmes. Since this style fits almost all hair types, it is worn by a wide variety of personalities. Due to the style’s versatility, it has remained a staple in fashionable hairstyles throughout history.

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