A degree of flexibility is in order because hair is so personal. Being over 60 there are additional considerations for a square face with color and easy care. What if you can have your cake and the perfect do with keeping a few simple rules in mind before you head to a salon.

Gray to Color

Once gray comes in, it’s a game changer. The beginnings of gray are subtle with white taking over eventually. The stages in between require a decision. Do you color or wait for white. It’s a personal choice with blondes and redheads having the hardest blending issues — warm tones combined with cool tones of white. An interim, temporary toner on golden locks will help blend haircolors and keep teeth brighter looking. Otherwise gray, silver and white mixes tend to be softening and flattering for square and other face shapes.

Short and Sweet

Short hair doesn’t just help disguise thinner hair. It fits in with active lifestyles but also looks fabulous, says Cynthia Nellis at Life Goes Strong. A light, wispy feel softens harsh edges, camouflages square foreheads, and lifts the eyes upward. A lift, in a rounder shape, works best for height.


To reduce a square edge, a round bob will counteract a strong jaw and forehead. Soft, fringed bangs work well. Make sure the part is to the side and the bangs are sparse, not solid. A middle part with straight hair can also work to soften a jawline, if it hits just below it.

Parts Count

The look that fits your lifestyle is the right one for you. You can add bangs softly, brush to the side, or add waves to turn most styles into a perfect do for you.

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