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The Spa Spin brush is a therapeutic hand-held device that can be used while taking a shower. The battery-operated device comes with five attachments for massaging different areas of the body and has two adjustable speeds.

Head Types

The Spin Spa brush has a massage and cleaning head to cleanse different parts of the body, an exfoliation head to clean the facial area, a pedicure head for your feet and a microderm abrasion head to scrub away flaky skin.


The Spin Spa uses three AA batteries. Check to make sure your Spin Spa brush is operational by turning it on and off.


To use the Spin Spa brush, place one of the attachment heads on the brush; then add liquid soap in the center of the head. When you are in the shower, turn your Spin Spa on, place the massaging head near the part of your body you want massaged and then use your brush in a circular motion. Soapsuds will form around the brush head, creating a massage when the brush comes in contact with your body.


The Spin Spa brush is a great device to use in the shower when you want to wash hard-to-reach places on your body. The Spin Spa is water resistant; therefore, you need not worry about electrical shocks.

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