Whether you are running a gift business or just like giving baskets, you cannot go wrong giving a spa-themed gift basket. Spa gift basket ideas are popular because they are useful and fun gifts. A spa basket is appropriate for just about any occasion, including birthdays, showers and anniversaries. Men and women will enjoy pampering themselves with the baskets’ relaxing gifts. Personalize the basket by using spa products in your loved one’s favorite scents and colors.

Sandalwood Baskets

Sandalwood is a scent that men and women can appreciate. It has a clean, relaxing odor that masks body odors well. Use a medium or large wicker basket for this spa basket. Roll up sand-colored towels neatly and secure them with tan ribbon. Angle the towels in the bottom of the basket. Add some sandalwood-scented pillar candles in various sizes. This gift will work well in a bathroom or bedroom. Give your friends a small glass bottle of sandalwood-scented bath oil with a cork stopper. After all the oil is used, the bottle can be recycled to hold other bath oils.

Eye Baskets

A relaxing eye basket makes a wonderful present. In a small basket, add a gel-filled eye mask in whatever color you like. Add a few new face clothes in a light purple or pink color. Add a variety of eye creams that treat different skin conditions. For instance, include an eye cream that lifts sagging eye skin or a product that tightens the eye area. Tuck in a pretty bottle of oil-free eye makeup remover.

Pedicure Baskets

In a medium basket, fill goodies that can be used for an at-home pedicure. Start with a fluffy towel to use for drying the feet. Choose a towel with graphics of flip-flops and footprints. Add a pair of foam toe separators in pretty colors. Include a pedicure set with a file, footstone and nail clippers. This basket also should include nail polish and scented foot salts for soaking feet in.

Facial Baskets

Facials are good for keeping skin healthy. Include a clay-based face mask, an exfoliating cleanser and a gentle cleanser. Also, include an oil-free moisturizer and a lip treatment set. Roll up a pretty washcloth and hand towel and place them in the basket. Add some scented votive candles for the recipient to light and enjoy during the facial.