Sonic jewelry cleaning is a high-tech quick way to clean jewelry quickly and easily. Sonic cleaners use ultrasound and a cleaning solution to clean jewelry without damaging it. The ultrasound creates bubbles that penetrate cracks and recesses and break loose dirt and other particles from jewelry surfaces allowing the solution to then clean the surface.

Place the Jewelry in the Machine

Place the jewelry in a basket which is then lowered into a cleaning well filled with the cleaning solution. Some sonic cleaners will use only tap water while others use a mild cleaning solution. Sonic cleaners can also be used for eyeglasses, keys, silverware, coins, dentures and other items that need gentle cleaning or have hard-to-reach areas.

Run the Cleaning Cycle

Turn the sonic cleaner on and let it run for several minutes. Depending on how dirty the jewelry is, the cleaning cycle might run anywhere from three to eight minutes long. The machine creates tens of thousands of ultrasonic waves each second. The waves create microscope bubbles that work the dirt loose from your jewelry.

Remove the Jewelry

Lift the basket out of the solution and let the excess solution drain from the basket. If you prefer, you can allow the jewelry to air dry. However, if you do this, watch out for spots that might appear from water residue.

Dry the Jewelry

Remove the jewelry and dry it with a soft cloth. The soft cloth is important. Since you went to the trouble of using a sonic cleaner to avoid scratching or damaging your jewelry, you don’t want to negate that benefit by using a rough cloth that can scratch.