Bop on down to your high school sock hop with a fresh ’50s style. Gain inspiration from your favorite fifties popular culture references to create a cool costume that will stand out at any sock hop dance, event or party. Instead of breaking the bank on pricey ready-made ensembles at your local costume retailer, put together your own outfit with the easy steps below.

Skirts and Dresses

Although the 1960s saw the rise of the hemline, during the fashionable ’50s, women stuck to a longer length, generally at or below the knees. There are a couple of options. One way is the good girl route. Look sweet in a flouncy plaid or solid-colored wool skirt, with a sew- or iron-on poodle decal, available at your local craft store. If you are more of the greaser gal type or want to play up the bad girl vibe, try a slim below the knee pencil skirt.

Blouses and Shirts

During the 1950s, women often wore short-sleeved button down blouses along with their party skirts. Don one of your tailored button-down blouses, rolling up the sleeves, to get a preppy look that pairs well with a poodle or pencil skirt. For a signature sock hop look, iron-on an initial monogram to the breast pocket of your shirt. Add some edge with a tight fitting sweater tucked in to your skirt or pants.


Instead of going with a skirt, women can also opt for a simple pair of pants. One option is to choose a pair of fitted capris or cigarette pants. Go with a plain, tailored style, avoiding anything modern, in a pastel or black, depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

Extras and Accessories

Play up your sock hop costume with a cool accessory or an extra ensemble piece. Accent your bad gal look with fire engine red lips, or an equally as bright chiffon scarf that you tie around the neck. Turn your sock hop style to a more brainiac look with heavy cat eyed or horn rimmed glasses. A greaser look is amped up with a black leather jacket. If you do not have the real thing, go for a faux ’50s motorcycle style made from a non-leather material.