Tattooing has been around for centuries, and one form of body enhancement or another has been evident in cultures across the globe. Marking your body has become more acceptable in the past three decades and has been embraced as a form of self-expression by both men and women. Many women enjoy the “ink” but want to remain feminine and restrained for professional or personal reasons. Small tattoos allow women to express themselves while letting them hide or camouflage the tattoo if necessary. Although detailed designs need larger tattoos, some motifs are perfect for a small tattoo.


Perfect for a first-timer, a small butterfly tattoo can add a touch of color to any part of the body and gives a novice an idea of what the tattooing process is all about. Although the butterfly tattoo is not unique, you can make it your own with creative colors. Also, encourage your artist to add his own artistic touch to the image and stylize it a bit more. Incorporate your initials into the butterfly’s wings to make it more personalized.


Fairy tattoos can get quite detailed when large, but a small fairy tattoo is still attractive when placed on a shoulder or neck. Look through artistic sources for fairies to give yourself a tattoo you’ll always love. Sweet and colorful, a small fairy is a fantasy tattoo that can illustrate your own fanciful nature.


The dragonfly is a delicate tattoo that incorporates beautiful colors with delicate design. Terrific when placed on a wrist, foot or back, the dragonfly image implies a gentle, feminine nature. Be sure to choose blues and greens for your dragonfly for the best results.


Flower tattoos can be done in nearly any size, and a small, simple flower can make a nice tattoo for women. A daisy, rose, poppy, sunflower or lotus flower can be created on an arm, shoulder, back, neck, foot or ankle and can be made larger later with the addition of extra blooms, vines and leaves. Many flowers have specific meanings or may symbolize a special person in your life, so they can be a sentimental favorite as well.

Asian or Egyptian Tattoos

Asian or Egyptian symbols or letters can make nice black and gray tattoos for women when placed at the back of the neck or on the shoulder or ankle, and can make a big statement in a small place. Asian symbols or Chinese character tattoos take up little space and can stand for such important themes as courage, love, faith and peace, while Egyptian symbols can stand for things like eternal life, fertility and worship of the sun. Additional symbols can be added later to create a timeline of events or can be incorporated into a larger, more colorful design.