Fashion conscious young people will enjoy doing each other’s hair as a slumber party activity. There are lots of different hairstyles for kids to try out on each other; some are easier than others, so they are more suitable for younger children to attempt. If you exhaust these styles, you can get the party guests to use their imagination or try out celebrity hairdos.

Curly Styles

Curly and wavy hairstyles are excellent for slumber parties. You need to create the curls with either curling tongs or by using hair rollers or rags. The latter two will take longer, but they’re good alternatives for younger girls, who shouldn’t be using hot tongs. Once curled, either leave loose or create a stylish updo by pinning the hair up. Use your imagination when creating updos; you could even agreed to give each other silly hairstyles.

Pig Tails

Pig tails are a really simple hairstyle to master, consisting of two pony tails, one on each side of the head. These can either be high or low, according to preference. Pig tails are a slumber party hairstyle for younger kids to give each other, due to the style’s simplicity. Use cute hair accessories–such as Alice bands and barrettes–to liven up this classic hairstyle.


There are many different hairstyles to achieve by braiding, and it is fun to experiment with them at a sleepover. If you want to go for a classic look, try plaiting one long braid or two braids, one on either side. For a more modern look, you can do a French braid along the hairline or braid the hair normally, then clip it into an updo. You can plait in lots of small braids, but this can be time consuming.

Temporary Colors

You can create some crazy hairstyles by using temporary hair dyes in bright colors. Make sure you use the type that comes out after a single wash, such as hair mascara or aerosol hair colorant. These temporary dyes work best in light hair, but they can be used for darker hair as well. You could dye your hair and then spike it up, to create punk hairstyles or dye your bangs to mimic an emo hairdo.