The dessert table can give the craps table a run for its money — with a slot machine cake as the centerpiece for a casino-themed game night or a party to celebrate the high roller in your life. Don’t let all the bells and whistles of a real slot machine intimidate you. You can select from a range of slot machine cake options depending on whether you are an advanced cake decorator or a beginner.

3-D Standing Slot Machine Cake

A three-dimensional standing slot machine cake requires advanced cake decorating skills. Start with a tall, square layer cake for the main body, and top it with a smaller layered loaf cake for the icon display screen. Cut the bottom piece at an angle to achieve a basic slot machine shape. Insert long dowel rods vertically through both cakes for structural support. Cover the entire cake with rolled fondant for a smooth finish. Knead food coloring into the fondant before applying, or for a more lux look, paint the fondant with a mixture of gold or silver luster dust and grain alcohol. Attach three fondant rectangles for the icon display screen, complete with slot machine icons such as cherries, lemons or number 7s. Cover a dowel rod with fondant to make a lever for the side.

Horizontal Slot Machine Cake

A horizontal slot machine cake takes a bit less finesse than a standing cake but can include all the same decorative features. Bake two identical sheet cakes. Cut away one-third of the length of one sheet cake and cut the very end at a diagonal. Stack the cakes together with buttercream frosting or a similar filling. The shortened and diagonal-cut cake mimics the look of a wider base typical of slot machines. Cover the cake with rolled fondant, adding smaller fondant cutouts to make the display features and buttons of a slot machine. Cut out a narrow rectangular strip near the bottom end of the cake. Fill the open slot and the surrounding area with candy coins.

Multi-Tiered Slot Machine Theme

Go for a multi-tiered cake if you want a more abstract representation of a slot machine. For the bottom tier, cover with fondant in your choice of color. Carve out a slot for inserting candy coins so the entire bottom cake represents the slot machine base. A cake covered with solid-colored fondant provides a backdrop for attaching jackpot symbols and icons. For example, cover the middle tier cake with green fondant to represent money. Add three white rectangles with pictures of your choice of icons. Design the top tier to look like the light that flashes when the slot machine hits a jackpot. Alternatively, reserve the top tier for writing a name or message. Branch out into other casino elements with a die or dice top tier.

Sheet Cake Slot Machine

Reality television and social media have made complex cake decorating accessible to the layperson, but less is sometimes more when you want to present an attractive cake with beginner level skills. If this describes you, stick with a single layer sheet cake for the slot machine design. Make a two-dimensional slot machine with all the features, using either fondant or buttercream frosting with a star fill-in technique. For an even simpler cake, limit the design to only the reels that display the slot machine symbols. Draw nine squares — the number of symbols typically visible as the reels spin — in the center of the cake and add a symbol in the center of each square. Leave room on the borders to write a message.