Women don’t have to spend all day on makeup application to look gorgeous. In just a few steps, women can achieve cute makeup styles that brighten the face without masking inner beauty. Some cute makeup styles are inspired by celebrities and movie characters while others reflect a seasonal event and are more suited for everyday wear.

Baby Doll Makeup Style

Aim to achieve a bright, fresh face with this makeup effect, as its minimal use of color helps give it a dramatic effect. With this style, neutral eye shadow is applied to both eyes and a shimmer or glitter accent is worn just above the lash line. The baby doll eyes are created using a black eyeliner drawn from the inside of the upper lash line to the outer corner and given a “wing” at the edge, which creates a dramatic upwards turn. Fake lashes, peach blush and bright pink or red lipstick finish this look.

Japanese Character Makeup Style

Fans of Japanese video games, cartoons and fantasy films are continually trying to mimic the dramatic eyes and sultry expressions exhibited by the characters. Depending on the character you want to emulate, you may not need any colored eye makeup, but you will need to apply dark eyeliner to the top of the upper lash line and the water line of your eyes. Wear plenty of mascara and give your face a warm glow with peach or light pink blush. Finish with a light pink or peach lip gloss. Because Japanese characters have large eyes, some women apply white eyeliner to the water line instead of black and put shimmery white eye shadow around the tear ducts and above the eyeliner on the upper lash line. This creates the illusion that the eyes are bright and large.

Cat Eye Makeup Style

The ever-elusive cat eye is one of the cutest makeup styles. This look is achieved by gliding dark eyeliner all around the natural shape of the eyes and thickening the upper lash line with several strokes of eyeliner. Fill in the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil, make them as arched as possible and finish off with two to three coats of black mascara. You can add a dramatic touch with the lips by applying a vibrant red, maroon or pink lipstick.

Bright Eyes Makeup Style

Apply a fresh spring or summer appearance with bright eye shadows in pastel pink, blue, purple, green or yellow. For spring, use a light foundation that brightens the face. For summer, apply bronzer on top of a darker foundation for a sun kissed look. Finish off with a layer of colored mascara and avoid using dark eyeliners because these will darken the look and diminish the bright effect of the makeup.

Pouty Lip Makeup Style

This style puts the focus on plump, pouty lips. Here, the color of the lip gloss and lip liner is key. Line lips with a lip liner that matches the natural tone of your mouth, and make sure your lipstick or gloss stays within the boundaries of the lip liner. Use a lip brush to apply a drippy lip gloss to your lips because this will help you more accurately define the pouty style. For an even more dramatic look, pair pouty lips with the cat eye style.