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Shoulder-length hair offers many different styling options. Teen girls are notorious for wanting to try the hip and trendy looks. When choosing the best shoulder-length haircut for your teen, take into account her hair type and how much time a day she wants to spend styling it. If her hair is thick and curly or wavy, longer bangs and added layers work best. If her hair is fine and straight, blunt cuts and bangs are appropriate.

Long Bob

A long bob without bangs is sleek and sassy. The common look for this haircut is to have it longer in the front, just past the shoulders, and angle up in the back just a bit. This looks perfect on straight hair and slightly wavy hair. Slight layers added in the front and the bottom, which make it angle inward, make this a flattering haircut.


Popular in the 1970s, the modern version of this is a flattering haircut option for many teens. The shag haircut is shoulder length. The hair is heavily layered starting at cheekbone level. The layers in the front frame the face in a flattering way. A common way to style it is to use a curling iron, or a blow dryer and round brush, and flip the hair outward.


A shoulder-length, layered haircut is lovely on teens with naturally wavy or curly hair. As this length of hair can cause curly hair to frizz up and become poofy, the layers added just to the ends of the hair reduce some of the bulk. Light layers throughout help define the curl. For ease of styling, cut long, side-swept bangs into the hair.

Jagged Layers

Cut the hair to the shoulders and add edgy, jagged layers. This is a trendy look that is perfect for teens. This haircut has jagged layers added just on the sides and in the front, framing the face. This jagged, shoulder-length haircut is ideal for those with round faces. Standard bangs that hang to eyebrow level add styling options.