Hair can be one of the ultimate accessories in a person’s arsenal. It’s always available, it can be changed at the drop of a hat and it can even help to hide imperfections. Hair need not be long and flowing to be the crowning piece in your wardrobe; in fact, many short and spiky hairstyles are available, and they work to draw more attention to your facial features. Keep cool and show off your playful side with a short, spiky ‘do.


The pixie may be associated with little girls, but it actually works well on heads of women of all ages due to its ease of styling and feature-flattering shape. For women of any ages, the short spikes of the pixie offer a wash-and-go quickness, where the wearer can simply step out of the shower, run a hand through her hair and get on with her day. For added texture or a bit of fun punk styling, some hair gel or mousse may be worked through the tips of the hair, clumping bits together and pulling up on the roots to create spikes. Older women may find the pixie enjoyable for a few additional reasons. Its short length calls less attention to gray hair; long strands of gray hair are much more visible than short spikes. The style also brings the woman’s features, such as large eyes or prominent cheekbones, out.


Although long known as the Caesar after the ruler Julius Caesar, the style of an overall short spiky hairdo with brushed forward bangs was rechristened “the Clooney” after the actor George Clooney made it famous when he starred on the television show “ER.” The style of the Caesar/Clooney requires hair to be maintained a maximum of 2 inches all around the head; men and women can both sport the style, though it is seen much more often in men. To style the hair, men just work some styling cream into their hands and pat their hands through their hair, then brush their bangs down over their forehead. Although the original Caesar required the bangs to be straight across the forehead as if they were cut and shaped with a ruler, people wearing the style can leave their own mark on it by clumping pieces together or brushing the bangs over to the side.

Buzz Cut

Once a staple of the military, buzz cuts have made a big splash with civilians for their simplicity, customization options and masking abilities. The traditional buzz cut may be as short as the new growth on the head after a complete razoring or an inch of length left on the top or all around the head. Buzz cut wearers may express their personality by “buzzing” (using a razor) the sides of their head very close but leaving some length on top, which may be made into twisty spikes with hair gel or mousse. One of the benefits of the buzz cut is its masking ability. People suffering from hair loss or patchy spots may find the buzz cut a great way to hide these issues; hair cropped very close to the head offers much less visibility of problem spots than hair that is long. The buzz cut also hides gray—someone experiencing patchy spots of gray will find it much less noticeable with a very short, spiky hairstyle, rather than one with lots of length.