It’s common for black women to consider transitioning back to natural hair at some point if they have relaxed hair. Permed or relaxed hair is especially vulnerable to damage. In addition, the chemicals used in the relaxer products are extremely harsh on the scalp and hair. The upkeep and cost is a factor as well. For many black women, and women of other nationalities that relax their hair, a short, natural hairstyle is a welcome change as it usually has less maintenance. In addition, it can be an empowering feeling to embrace your own natural hair texture. There are a multitude of short, natural hairstyles that work with just about any face shape and hair type.

Comb Twists

One natural hairstyle for short hair is called comb twists. Your hair can be very short or several inches long for this style. You will need a strong-hold styling gel and a comb. The hair is parted into sections and gel is put onto each section of the hair. In each section, just twist two strands of hair around the comb. Do that for each section of hair and you will have twists all over your head. This cute and stylish look is also youthful. An added benefit is that your hair should stay in this style for several days without needing to be restyled.

Twist Out

Another stylish hairstyle idea for short, natural hair is a twist out. To achieve this hairstyle, your hair will need to be at least 3 inches long. The actual haircut does not matter. To achieve this hairstyle, you will need hair oil and a setting lotion. The hair oil is added to wet hair. Braid the hair or twist the strands around each other using the setting lotion. It can be left like that or also worn unbraided or untwisted after a few days. To maintain this hairstyle, wear a cap or scarf to bed.


Things that are old are new and popular again. A retro hairstyle is a stylish update for short, natural hair. For best results, hair should be cut very short in the back and sides and should be longer on top. Use hair gel to slick the back and sides down into place. Using that same hair gel, create a wave in the front, reminiscent of the 1920s. The hair should have a deep part. The wave should frame the face and go down to the ears.