You can choose from several short-layered cut options for short hair. These hairstyles are low maintenance, except for the fact that they must be cut at least once a month. Short, layered styles usually have an edgy look to them that some women may not like. Make sure to find pictures of the cut you want to try before making a final decision. Some of the most popular styles include the pixie, bob, cap, fringe and spiked styles.


A pixie cut is an extremely short style typically between 3 and 4 inches long. A layered pixie allows the hair to have interest and texture rather than lying flat against the head. Usually pixie cuts have bangs the same length as the rest of the hair on the head. Pixie cuts can look sophisticated, edgy or even sweet depending on how they are styled.


A bob is a slightly longer short hair style that usually is long enough to brush the jaw line. Some bobs are long enough to sit just above the shoulders. A layered bob adds interest to the haircut and prevents it from looking boring. Layers give the bottom of the bob texture and increase the edginess of the style to prevent it from looking matronly. Layered bangs will also look good with a bob haircut style.


The cap style of haircut is a method of cutting the hair where the majority of the hair on the crown of the head brushes to the front to create long bangs. The rest of the hair remains short and cropped close to the head. Layers add texture to this style. When styled, gel is a necessity to prevent the hair from laying flat or looking too boyish.


A fringe haircut is similar to the pixie cut, but is usually longer, with more layers. The layers on a fringe cut taper to the ends, creating short spiky chunks that look stylish and edgy. This style is somewhat difficult to maintain, because it requires frequent trips to the salon.


A layered spiky cut is similar to the pixie cut. Usually it is cut even shorter, to 1 or 2 inches short. Layers added provide texture to the hair so that it looks feminine rather than boyish. This style of hair uses gel to hold spikes all over the head. This is a very edgy style that only a few women have the confidence to pull off.