Having fine hair doesn’t mean that your hair is unhealthy. Fine hair just means that the diameter of each strand of your hair is relatively smaller than other hair textures. Fine hair can still look beautiful and full with the right style. Short hairstyles work well with fine hair because longer hair tends to drag down fine hair and make it limp. There are plenty of stylish, short hairstyles that flatter fine hair.

Pixie Cut

The pixie cut gives variety to the short, thin hairstyle. This style is cut above the ears with the hair arranged in a shaped style or left intentially "messy". To achieve this style, cut all the hair evenly; measuring two to three inches long at the top and below one inch along the sides and nape. Use a blow dryer to shape the hair towards the face. Move the blow dryer in the direction in which you want the hair to go. To finish off the style, add some mousse to the crown and style with fingers or a styling brush.

Feathered Cut

One option when you have fine hair is to get a feathered cut. The feathered cut is cut close to the head and styled so that all of the hair feathers in toward the face. Cut all of the hair evenly, each strand measuring around one inch. Apply a quarter-sized amount of styling mousse to the hair and distribute evenly all over the head. Use a blow dryer and styling brush in a forward motion to feather the hair in the same direction. Add some holding mousse to hold the shape.

The Bob

The bob is a great style to add volume to fine hair. With a bob, you can choose to have it straight or layered. Layers further volumize the hair, so this is a great choice for fine hair. You can also cut the hair at any length between the ears and the chin. Chin-length bobs add more fullness to a style. Change up the style with side-swept or brow-grazing bangs. You can also decide on a centered or off-centered part.


Curls are very stylish right now, especially short curls. For thin hair, curls add thickness. Natural curls You can style and better define natural curls with styling mousse or curl-activating products. Shampoo and condition your hair with products made for curly hair. Dry your hair with a head dryer or a blow dryer with the diffuser attachment. If your hair isn’t naturally curly, achieve this look with setting lotion and plastic curling rollers. While your hair is wet, spray it with setting lotion. Roll your hair in small sections to fit the size of the rollers. Sit under a hooded dryer or air dry. When your hair is dry, unroll it and apply an oil-based moisturizer. Pull the curls apart gently with your fingers. Let your hair frame your face or pull it back with a headband.

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