Short Black Hair Hairstyles

By Tiesha Whatley

Black hair is thick and harder to maintain than other hair types. This is one of the primary reasons black women prefer to wear shorter hairstyles. Plus, short styles accentuate the high cheekbones and exotic looks of black women. The array of short styles available to black hair varies in length and styling options. To find the right short hairstyle, look at all of the options available to you: length, color and texture.


Decide on a length that fits your face and lifestyle. The shorter the hair, the less time is required to maintain. On the other hand, you also have less restyling options.

Try a style cut above the ears, with the sides tapered close to the head. The hair on top of the hair is cut a little longer in layers. An off-centered part and side-swept bangs complete the style. This is a quick and easy style that takes little work to prepare in the morning. It can also be transformed to a mold for the days when no-styling options are desired.

A longer short hairstyle falls along the cheekbones; still with the same part, bang and layer options as above. Be careful wearing this length with a round or heart facial shape. Layers around the cheek will make the face seem fuller. This length will be optimum for square and oblong face shapes.


Get highlights or lowlights to bring out the short hairstyle. The right colors to choose depends on your natural skin tone. For a lighter skin tone, you can go with really blonde highlights; or have blonde hair with chestnut brown lowlights. Either of the colors will make the short hairstyle look fuller and more elegant.

Medium skin tones can get away with darker blonde highlights and lowlights. Light or sandy brown hair is also fitting. The best color combination for medium–toned black women would be medium brown hair with dusty blonde highlights.

Dark-skinned black women have to be careful with color and short hairstyles. On one hand, color can make the dark skin glow and bring out the short style. On the other hand, if color is too light it can take away from the beauty of the short style where only the color is noticeable in a negative way. Go with a dark primary color, like black or chocolate brown. Add reddish or sandy brown highlights to lighten the face and eye color.


Curly or straight textures work well with short, black hairstyles. Naturally or chemically straighten hair looks best when it is full of body and bounce. Add volume to the top of the head with slightly feathered curls.

Short, curly hairstyles can be considered for any facial shape. Cut naturally curly hair along the ear line and style with hair mousse. Accessorize with hair clips and head bands to push the hair away from the face. For hair that isn't naturally curly, use setting lotion and curling rods to achieve curls. Saturate freshly washed hair with the setting lotion before rolling the hair in 1-inch sections. Sit under a hooded dryer until the hair is completely dried. Unroll the hair and style with your fingers. You can have the hair frame the face in a mass of untamed curls or push the hair away from the forehead with hair clips.