Serving food at the correct temperature is essential in order to fully appreciate a dish and it is also essential for your safety and that of others who consume the food. Hot dishes should be piping hot, while cold dishes should be chilled right up to the moment of consumption. Particular problems occur when serving a large amount of people, all at once, or when trying to serve a chilled meal on a hot day. Make use of the increasing number of heated and chilled serving dishes available to ensure that your food is always consumed at its ideal temperature.


Food that is not chilled fast enough is one of the main causes of food poisoning. Seafood is one of the main culprits. If you are serving chilled seafood, take if from the fridge and place it in a chilled serving dish. Serving dishes that keep seafood cold include Chilled Platter with Acrylic Inserts. This unique seafood serving dish has a reservoir for ice, covered with an insert that keeps the seafood chilled without it touching the ice. Priced at around $300 and manufactured by Gourmet Display, this item is ideal for the seafood enthusiast.


Although salad and vegetables are low risk for food-borne illnesses, many still benefit from a chilled serving dish. Salad leaves quickly wilt if they get warm, or even to room temperature. Avocados quickly discolor, and tomatoes release their juices when their temperature rises. In order to serve salad at its prime source a chilled salad bowl. Simply Smart Living offer a chilled dome-like salad bowl. The bowl rests on a thick stem that holds the ice. Between the salad and the ice is a grate that not only chills the salad, it also drains excess liquid from the salad to prevent a soggy bottom. Priced at $22.95 this is an affordable option for most households.


Canapes often contain seafood, dairy and meat. Some should be served hot, but many should be served cold. If the canapes are being passed around, a chilled bowl with ice can be problematic due to the weight. VAT 19 offer a stainless steel thermal canape tray that has a gel insert. The tray can be heated in the oven or chilled in the fridge before use. It stays cold, or hot, for hours. Lightweight, sleek and inexpensive at $34.95.


There is a chilled serving solution for everything including cold appetizers. Whether your appetizers are seafood, salad or dairy, they will be chilled to perfection with the Revolving Chilled Serving Tray from Simply Smart Living. This dishwasher safe serving dish has three sections, so different food groups can each have their own compartment. In the center there’s a bowl for dips or sauces. This solution costs $40.95.