Sandals that tie up your leg are are fashion statement pieces in and of themselves, drawing attention to the feet and the legs. These type of sandals can easily transform an outfit from drab and boring to trendy and bold. Those wanting to attempt this shoe trend can choose a style that best suits them or the look they are trying to achieve, such as a flat, gladiator or heeled sandal.

Gladiator Sandals

True to their name, gladiator sandals are inspired by the shoes worn by actual gladiators. These lace-up sandals are ideal for those who want to wear sandals that tie up the leg, but want to start the trend slowly. Gladiator sandals are typically flat sandals made with ornate decorations and materials, such as thick natural or colored leather, jewels, beads and chains. Those who want flashier gladiators can find pairs with ornate decorations, while those who prefer simpler styles will be satisfied with the neutral, leather styles, free of any added decor. Gladiator sandals come in different styles; some have straps that lace up the leg and stop at the ankle while others have straps that reach as high as mid-calf. Gladiator sandals are a statement piece of their own, and must be worn as such. To highlight your gladiator sandals, choose clothes that will accent them, such as skinny jeans, short skirts or dresses, or shorts.

Flat Sandals

Flat sandals with ties that lace up the leg are similar to gladiators, yet are usually simpler in style. These sandals are typically thong-style or strap-style and come in different materials, such as brightly colored fabrics, plastics and leather. Straps and ties are available in thicker and thinner dimensions and, like other sandals that tie up your leg, these can be tied all the way up the calf, or wrapped around the ankle. These sandals look best with a variety of clothing, including maxi dresses, long skirts, jeans, skirts and shorts. Based on the type of sandal, these styles can make an outfit more casual or more dressy.

Heeled Sandals

For those who want to go extreme with the tie-up sandal trend, heeled sandals are the way to go. Yet even the lace-up heels will draw varying degrees of attention based on the style you choose. Wedge espadrilles are modest, work-appropriate-type sandals that have thicker straps and wedge canvas heels that pair well with capri pants, knee- to calf-length skirts, knee-length dresses and longer shorts. The straps that tie up the leg are typically thicker and shorter, allowing you to tie them up to the mid-calf, or simply wrap them around the ankle. Also available with laces are stiletto heeled sandals, which draws the most attention. These heels are the most dressy, have the longest and thinnest ties, draw the most attention to the foot and leg, and are best worn with shorter skirts and dresses as a means of accentuating them. They can be worn with evening wear as well, or worn with jeans by simply wrapping the ties around the ankle instead of the whole leg.