Salon stations are as interchangeable as the stylist’s clientele. The stylist booth is a place of inspiration and relaxation. The decor of the station can be used to set the atmosphere. The colors can be used to liven up the booth or mellow the mood. Allow the booth to cater to the needs to the client.

Visual Aids

Salon stations should be attractive to the customer’s eye and provide a comfortable place to sit. Decorate the area with a collection of hairstyle pictures. The visual images help customers chose a hairstyle. The pictures should show hairstyles for men, women and children. They should give ideas for all types of hair textures, lengths and grades. Stylists who are trying to attract a certain type of clientele, should use visual aids that attract that type of customer.

Stylists who specialize mainly in children’s hairstyles can use bright colors at their booths. The chair could be blue and the booth could be yellow or red. A stylist who specializes mainly in haircuts, should choose to cover their station in pictures of the latest haircuts.

Nail technicians may choose to surround their workspace with nail art. The art can display the different designs for the various nail lengths. The nail technician may also choose to surround their workspace with different nail polish options.


Mirrors allow the client to watch stylists as they work. Trifold mirrors allow the customer to view their hair from different angles. Mirrors surrounded with natural light will reveal the true color of hair color. Magnified mirrors are helpful at salon stations where facials, eyebrow arches and waxing are done. The mirror magnifies the details of the eyebrow shaping and helps clients see the true condition of their skin.

Complimentary Items

Encourage the client to come back for another visit with a complimentary gift. Hair stylists often have a selection of complimentary items at their station from which clients can choose. Those items can include a compact mirror, hairspray, shampoo and conditioner. Nail technicians may offer their clients a selection of hand creams and moisturizers from which to choose. Other personal beauty experts could offer clients lip gloss, chapstick or a face moisturizer.

In addition to the complimentary gift, provide the client with complimentary drinks at the booth. On hot days, a stylist can have a cool bottle of water waiting. On cool days, the stylist may have a cup of coffee or tea waiting.