It’s all about the music in rock ‘n’ roll. Well, that and the carefully cultured look. Fortunately for those who like to rock out, rock ‘n’ roll hair is back in style for women. There are multiple variations of rock ‘n’ roll hairstyles for you to embrace. Just look around, and find the right ‘do for you.


Rid your mind of images of 3-feet tall, rigid Mohawks of yesteryear. Today’s female rock-star Mohawk involves short, layered hair, with wax lifting it into a jagged peak along the center of your head that curves off at the top. To give it feminine appeal, wax a strand on each side of your face into a curl against your cheek.


If your hair is short enough that you won’t look like a hell-raiser, consider using styling wax to achieve this modern style. Take half-inch chunks of your hair and fashion them into spikes on top of your head, angling them in different directions to avoid looking like Bart from “The Simpsons.” Slick the hair on the sides of your head down and back.

Emo Cut

Not interested in short hair? The Emo Cut is a rocker look that will work for you. It involves jagged, thickly cut bangs angled across the front of your face, and multiple, intermittent and jagged layers angling from front to back. Layers on the back are very short, going about halfway up your scalp, giving you an edgy, modern look.

Jagged Bob

So, you don’t want long hair or really short hair, and you want to be able to look like a basic civilian when the mood strikes. The jagged bob is for you. It involves a jaw-length cut with jagged, chunky layers throughout. Bangs are optional, but encouraged. With wax, a flat iron and a good brush, you can take these chunks and flip them up and backward, giving you an edgy look. However, when it’s time to blend in with the masses, blowing out or scrunching your hair makes you look like an average Joe.