You may not be familiar with the Saskatoon berry. Perhaps, it is because you know it better as the juneberry or serviceberry. If you’ve tasted Saskatoon berries before and enjoyed them, don’t let the idea of making your own jam scare you. It’s really pretty easy and the homemade flavor you will receive for your efforts will be well worth it.


Clean 1½ quarts Saskatoon berries by removing any stems or leaves. Place them into a colander and run water over them while moving them around with your hands. Blend the berries into a food processor until they are a course-crushed consistency. Measure 4 cups of crushed berries into a large pot. You may need to prepare more berries (or less) to get the proper measurement. Add 2 tbsp. lemon juice and a box of fruit pectin (Sure-jell is a favorite and easy to find at the grocery store). Heat the mixture at a medium-high temperature on your stove. When it gets to a full rolling boil, add 4 cups of sugar and stir for a full minute, while boiling. Remove the jam from the stove and skim any foam from the top. Pour the Saskatoon jam into sterilized glass jars, leaving a half inch space from the top. Seal the jam by placing a lid on top of the jar and screwing the rim on tight.

Try making this jam with a combination of berries or other fruits. Saskatoon berries, raspberries and strawberries make a good combination. If you like rhubarb and have it available, Saskatoon berries and rhubarb make an excellent combination of fruit for jam.

Freezer Jam

Use the Saskatoon jam recipe to make freezer jam. If you don’t want to purchase canning jars, lids and canning equipment, you may make the jam and store it in your refrigerator or freezer in sealed containers. This is a good way to make jam if it is a new cooking experience for you.

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