More and more women are discovering mineral makeup foundation. It is easy to apply and works with many different types of skin. All of the major cosmetic companies have a mineral foundation in their makeup line. Making your own makeup may sound difficult but it is not, especially when it is mineral makeup. Other benefits of making your own is that you know exactly what it is made of and it is much less expensive.


Mineral makeup foundations are made up of naturally occurring minerals. A mix of neutral minerals is used to create the base of the makeup. This mix also provides the adhesive property that makes the foundation adhere to the skin. Another blend of minerals is for the color. These minerals are added to the makeup in a much smaller quantity than the ones that make up the base. You can make a larger batch of color minerals so it can be used in future batches of mineral makeup.

Color Minerals

This is a basic recipe for color. Once you have the powder made you can adjust it to your skin color by the addition of one color or another. Be sure to write your specific recipe down. The basic mix is 32 grams of yellow oxide, 3 grams of brown oxide, 10 grams of red oxide, ¼ teaspoon of green oxide and ¼ teaspoon of blue oxide. Place it all into a small food processor and blend for 5 minutes. Stir up the bottom and blend 5 more minutes. Remove the powder and wipe out the processor.

Base Minerals

To begin making the makeup base the following ingredients need to be processed in a small food processor or mortar and pestle. Measure out 45 grams of sericite mica, 20 grams of titanium dioxide, 20 grams of zinc oxide, 5 grams of rice powder and 10 grams of silky mica. Place it all in the processor and process for 10 minutes. Stir up the bottom and remove half of the mixture. Add ¼ teaspoon of your color mix to the processor. Blend for 5 minutes. Check the color against your skin. If it is too light add more color. If it is too dark add more of the base. Process the mineral makeup foundation 5 more minutes if more was added. Store everything in airtight containers.

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