Razor-cut women’s hairstyles have become wildly popular. They give texture and volume without losing any serious length from your hair.


A bob hairstyle can benefit from the razor-cutting technique because it allows the bob to have movement. Blunt bangs will sit properly when razor-cut and should fall just below the brows.


The “lob” is a longer version of the bob and skims just at the shoulders. The lob works for both straight or wavy hair, and razor-cutting allows for texture. This ensures hair isn’t weighed down.


If you love oodles of layers, razor-cutting is for you. Razor-cutting give hair a lightness that causes hair to behave, no matter what the texture. Short or long layers grow out evenly and require less maintenance than layering with shears.

Medium Length

Medium-length hair can tend to be dull with too much weight at the bottom. Razor-cutting gives hair a new shape and free-flowing effect. Medium-length hair looks great with a deep side part and razor-cut bangs for a soft look.

Long Length

Those with wavy or curly hair look great with long length. Razor-cutting allows for long layers, which adds bounce to hair’s natural texture and prevents frizz.