Quinoa and chickpea salad is made from quinoa, a protein-rich seed, and chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, a legume with a buttery texture.


Quinoa is often used as a gluten-free grain. Once cooked, it has a fluffy and slightly crunchy texture, with a creamy and nutty flavor.


Often used in Indian dishes to make hummus and curries, chickpeas or garbanzo beans are available either canned or dried. They are versatile and full of protein.


Both quinoa and chickpeas are gluten-free, so they are suitable for celiacs and those with any kind of wheat intolerance.


Both quinoa and chickpeas are vegan; they contain no animal products unless any are added after preparation. Quinoa and chickpea salad is an excellent source of protein for vegans.


Quinoa should be soaked in boiled water for at least five minutes to remove some of the crunchiness, then rinsed and simmered. Dried chickpeas need to be soaked overnight in water, and then boiled until soft. Toss the quinoa with the beans and serve.