Many makeup brushes, such as eyebrow brushes, serve a specific purpose. Others are multi-purpose. You can use a fan makeup brush to create different effects on cheeks, eyes and other parts of your face.

Apply Blush

Fan brushes work particularly well to apply blush, since they provide a soft, subtle look. Dip the brush in some loose powder blush. Start in the middle of the cheek (just below the cheekbone) and sweep the brush at an upward angle toward the ear.

Clean Up

Use a soft fan brush to lightly dust away stray eye makeup that has fallen onto your cheeks after applying.

Even Out

Use a large fan brush to redistribute loose powder on the face. The thin, lightweight hair on the brush picks up any excess fine powder left on your skin by a makeup pad or powder brush.


Thanks to the rounded tip, a makeup fan brush is ideal for blending. Use it to blend blush or eye makeup to soften up a dramatic look.


Use a fan brush to sparsely dust a light, shimmery powder over the apple of your cheeks and the middle of your forehead to bring out these areas through highlighting.