Obagi skin care, developed by Dr. Zein E. Obagi, is a dermatological skin care line addressing acne, wrinkles, melasma, fine lines and scars. The Obagi Medical Products line is the creator of the revolutionary Blue Peel, which can be safely used on African American, Hispanic, and Asian skin types. If you are considering using any Obagi products, such as the Blue Peel or the NuDerm system, you need to consider certain factors.

Know Your Skin Type

Obagi products are only sold in a doctors’ office or by a licensed esthetician. Getting a professional skin consultation is essential. You need to know what products are recommended for your personal skin type. Skin suffering from acne or acne scarring must be treated differently. Wrinkles and fine lines have another problem, and melasma is also a different set of circumstances. Your medical professional will know by touch, and your answers to a few specific questions, products to recommend to you. A skin consultation gives you a frame of reference for results and gives you a realistic expectation of treatment.


Obagi Skincare has a reputation in the skin care industry as a product that works. You must have a consultation with a doctor to securely obtain any Obagi products. The necessity of a doctor’s advice takes the guess work out of choosing the right products for your particular issue and skin type. Most prescription strength products are known to be unsafe for skin containing higher amounts of melanin, but Obagi skin care developed its products to be used on all skin types. Even creating peels such as the revolutionary Blue Peel that effectively treats these skin types for fine lines, wrinkles and skin tightening.


Obagi skin care is not a line you can obtain over the counter at your local drug store. Due to the higher concentrations and prescription strength of the active ingredients, this makes the product more difficult to get. There can be side effects such as peeling and hypersensitivity to sun when using the products. Your doctor must advise on how to care for your skin after beginning an Obagi regimen. Use of sunscreen while using the products is a must. You must be committed to long term use. To see results from Obagi skin care, you must stick to the daily routine your doctor prescribes for you.


Obagi skin care products have a track record of results. The company has been in business successfully since 1988. Obagi skin care products should only be purchased through your physician or other trusted medical or aesthetic skin care professional. The products are sold directly by the company; authorized providers can be found through the company website.