Step back in time with a Scarlet O’Hara-style corset that can give you a new outlook and a new waistline. There are improved ways to alter your body for a perfect fit and create the effect of a tiny waist. The biggest advantage is that a modern corset will leave you looking breathtaking, not breathless.

It’s a Cinch

A traditional corset has a modern counterpart with similar styling. You can achieve a size 4 inches smaller than your actual waist with a modern corset with cinch capability.


Modern corsets come in a range of materials from velvet to lace, which can be worn as outerwear that gives an illusion of a cinch without the huffing and puffing. A lined corset can be worn under a jacket, unlike a sheer version in cotton or lace.


Corsets can provide structure with spiral steel boning instead of thin plastic. A leather shaper corset draws in effectively. Back lacing plus steel front buckle closures give twice the dramatic effect. Since lacing is the whole point to a corset, a top-quality corset makes a difference in the final look with better materials, trim and long-lasting wear. Authentic-looking corsets are often made of fine, lined satins compared to less expensive polyester blends. The smooth fit and uplift of the bust are the main considerations.


Lace strings on the back are only effective when they are tightly laced, but these are not well suited for outerwear because the shape may show bulges between the lace strings. An alternative is an eye-and-hook closure for evening wear found on outerwear lingerie or bustiers. The loops are a good way to get an authentic, cinched look that some laced versions, especially with outerwear, don’t offer. Be warned, though, they may take your breath away.