Because a strapless dress features a low neckline that runs from one underarm to the other, the styling draws attention to a woman’s neckline. This dress style is designed so that one’s shoulders, clavicle, neck and back are visible. This can present difficulty for women in deciding how to style their hair when readying for one of life’s momentous occasions like a senior prom or a wedding. However, women have many simple options.


According to, updos are hair styles that complement strapless dresses so long as the styling is clean and not messy. Updos can be styled in buns typically below the crown or at the nape in the chignon. The updo styling, while offering a chic look, doesn’t take anything away from the dress itself. The shoulders, back and neckline are still exposed. The styling also makes it easy to incorporate jewelry into the look.

Top Crop

The top crop hairstyle is intended for women with short hair. It can be styled so the front bangs sway to the side to give the look some texture and is complemented well by headbands or wedding veils. Jewelry such as earrings and necklaces also stand out with this hairstyle. It’s a very easy look to achieve: simply dampen the hair and apply shine-boosting mousse. Then just blow dry and style it.


The headband/ponytail look is a fun hairstyle that complements strapless dresses in formal and non-formal affairs. According to Beauty Riot, it’s also one of the easiest looks to wear. To get the look, women simply wear their hair in the back in a ponytail, chignon or knots. Then a headband is applied in the front to keep the look under control. It works best for women with medium to long hair lengths.