Hair is an amazing accessory–it’s something women don’t have to search their closet for, and it can be dressed up or down per the occasion. Black women in the workforce can style their hair to complement their outfit and still retain the professionalism required for their career–all it takes is a quick trip to the salon or a few moments at home.

Short Weave

If you have short hair, the short weave is professional, fashionable and easy to handle. Only the smallest amount of natural hair is required for a weave; the rest may be culled from synthetic product. Weaved hair is attached to the natural hair through extensions, worked through seamlessly. A short weave keeps hair out of your face and can be styled into short spikes, nubs or tiny braids.


A bob hairstyle works well if you have short to medium-length hair. Bobs can be worn curly or can be chemically straightened for a sleek look. They can be cut with flirty bangs, which can be worn clipped to the side for the workday. Depending on the length of the cut, work in highlights to frame your face (the pieces that fall around your eyes and cheekbones can be highlighted to bring attention to your face).


Braids and black hair have gone together since hair first started being styled. You can choose from many varieties of braids, while keeping a professional appearance. Depending on the length of your hair, braids may be woven tightly to the head and secured with small beads (color coordinate with the suit for the day). Long braided hair may be gathered in an elastic band and worn behind the back or coiled on top of the head.