The first step in planning any type of party involves inviting people to the party. Pre-printed invitations are available for both tea parties and high school graduation parties. Pre-printed invitations require that you simply fill in party details such as date and time. Another option is a custom-printed invitation that includes the date and time and additional party specifics. When choosing a date and time for the graduation tea party, keep in mind that tea parties are mid- to late-afternoon affairs that generally last 2 to 3 hours. Be sure to select a date for the party when the invitees will likely be available in the afternoon. Invitations may also include information about the preferred attire for the party as well as an RSVP date and phone number.

Table Settings

When planning the table settings for a tea party, remember that tea parties are affairs that call for fine linens and fine china. A high school graduation tea party should be no different. If you do not have access to linens and china, you can rent them from a party rental company. Your table decor should also include a centerpiece that reflects the occasion. You can use graduation caps and tassels in combination with floral arrangements.

Tea Sandwiches

A tea party would not be a tea party without delicious little tea sandwiches. Cucumber sandwiches and watercress sandwiches are some of the most traditional tea sandwiches, and many recipes for different types of each of these sandwiches are available in cookbooks and on the Internet. You can also make tea sandwiches with tuna salad, chicken salad, egg salad, and a number of combinations of meats and cheeses. The main thing that makes a tea sandwich a tea sandwich is its size and the fact that it is crustless. Tea sandwiches are small, thin and dainty, and they should never be overstuffed. Be creative when making tea sandwiches, and think about making the high school graduate’s favorite school-day sandwich.


Last but certainly not least, a high school graduation tea party should include a variety of teas from which the party attendees may choose. There should be offerings of both hot and cold teas, caffeinated and decaffeinated teas, green and black teas, and flavored teas. Along with the teas, you should offer milk, cream, honey, fresh lemon slices and sugar. Sugar is available in cubes and large colored crystals specifically for tea parties. To go along with the high school graduation tea party theme, purchase or order sugar crystals in the high school’s colors.

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