Pivot Point is an academic institute for cosmetology that has a specific set of styling techniques. It is renowned for techniques in cutting hair, curling, coloring and styling.


One of the main purposes behind Pivot Point’s techniques in cutting hair is to cut it in such a way that all faces acquire the “ideal” oval shape. The Pivot Point cutting technique is achieved by having the scissors grasped in one hand while only the thumb moves in the cutting motions.


The process of curling hair is another specialty of Pivot Point. The “art” of curling is achieved in a multitude of ways, such as by using a curler, hairdryer and pin-curlers. A quick search on Google Videos, as will a skimming through “The Scientific Approach to Perm Design,” will display many examples of curled styles from Pivot Point.


Pivot Point also has a variety of hair-styling techniques exclusive to their books, school locations, and other training materials. One such style, featured in Pivot Point’s book, “The Scientific Approach to Long Hair Design,” is the French twist with draped bangs style, created by hair designer Mariano Roche. This classic style is intended for an elegant, classy up-do for medium to long hair. The hair is sectioned off, back-combed, and then twisted vertically into a French twist, leaving just one tendril of hair near the cheek and sweeping bangs off to the side of the face. The look is designed to add proportion to long faces and slenderize round faces by adding volume to the top of the head.


Pivot Point uses coloring products like Redken and Paul Mitchell. The focus in their coloring techniques is in discovering perfect matches for an individual’s hair color and texture, thus resulting in the most aesthetically pleasing designs.