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The Pekingese is a sturdy little dog known for his flat face, short legs, and soft coat. He is a lovable, attention-seeking pet, but is often suspicious of strangers, which makes for an excellent watchdog as well. Do not be misled because the Pekingese is short in stature; he is also known for his courageous spirit and has been nicknamed "The Lion Dog."


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Although the Pekingese was not seen in America until 1890, this breed can be traced as far back as 2000 B.C, where they were found in China. At this time, only royalty was allowed to own the breed, and the penalty for stealing one of these treasured dogs was death. If were not for the British invading China and taking over the Chinese Imperial Palace in 1890, we might never have seen the Pekingese in America. The British soldiers, along with other treasures, brought several of these dogs home. They were recognized by the AKC in 1906.

Breed Standard Haircut

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The AKC breed standard for a haircut on a Pekingese is simply not to cut the hair at all. A long, flowing coat is prized in the show ring, and if there is any sign of the coat being trimmed it will accrue a penalty.

Expert Advice

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In order to to keep a Pekingese's coat long and silky, a daily brushing regimen must be implemented. Otherwise, the coat will become matted (knotted), and will most likely have to be shaved off by a groomer. Because Pekingese are double coated dogs (there is a soft downy layer of fur close to the skin), special attention will have to be given with a brush and comb to to get all the tangles out.

Other hairstyling options

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Many owners find it very time consuming to keep up with a longer hairstyle, and opt to go shorter. Communication with the groomer is of the utmost importance should you decide to go this route, as "short" to a groomer can mean anywhere from 1/4 of an inch to two inches long. There is also the "Lion Cut," which is a compromise between short and long. With the mane long and fluffy, while the body is short, this is a stylish and convenient haircut.

Fun Fact

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There were only two dogs that survived the sinking of the Titanic. One of them was a Pekingese.

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