Peach brandy, a fine sipping liqueur on its own, is no stranger to mixed drinks. The liqueur’s sweetness and fruity flavor strongly complement a range of liquors, juices and sodas; it works as a solid base for many different types of alcoholic beverages. Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated cocktail or a swift shot of relief, mixing with peach brandy adds layers of taste to your drinks.

A Punch of Peach

Peach brandy’s fruitiness works wonders with other fruit-flavored liquors and juices to create sweet and flavorful punches. Mix 2 parts peach brandy with 3 parts regular brandy, 1 part each of light rum, lemon juice and plain syrup and 2 parts club soda for fish house punch — add some iced tea for a little kick. Mix up a batch of adrenaline punch, which is more of kitchen sink concoction that includes 1 part each of peach brandy, gin, vodka and high-proof rum and 4 parts fruit punch.

Cocktail Nation

Peach brandy is a key ingredient found in dozens of different types of cocktails, from tastefully simple to deliciously complex. Common cocktails include the outrigger, which is equal parts peach brandy, lime and pineapple juices, and the golden daze, which is 1 part peach brandy, 2 parts orange juice and 3 parts gin. On the more adventurous side is the karma killer, which is 1 part each of peach brandy and triple sec, 4 parts each of dark rum, orange, pineapple and grapefruit juices and 12 parts fruit juice served over ice.

A Peach of a Martini

Peach brandy can bring a little sweetness to the normally dry and salty world of martinis. The peachy martini has only two ingredients, 1 part peach brandy and 3 parts strawberry vodka, served chilled and up in a martini glass. The corkscrew, with its white rum and dry vermouth, bridges the gap between martinis and daiquiris. Mix 1 part each of peach brandy and dry vermouth with 3 parts white rum in a shaker tin filled with ice, strain the beverage into a martini glass and garnish it with a slice or twist of lime.

Head Shots

Peach brandy brings subtlety to shots and shooters. Chill a shot and serve it up with a fresh peach slice for a twist on a tequila shooter, or mix 3 parts peach brandy, 2 parts peach schnapps and 1 part triple sec for an extra fuzzy navel. Peach brandy shots don’t always have to be so “safe” — the take-me-away shot layers equal parts peach brandy, Irish cream and Swiss chocolate almond liqueur for an unexpected jolt of flavor.