Unless you live in sweats with elastic waistbands, you probably have given some thought to the types of closures that hold up your pants. More often than not, the look of the pant influences the type of closure that’s used. Fashion designers agonize over the form and function of such details, but maybe you just want to know what’s the most comfortable.


Not too many other closures are as fast and easy to undo as snaps. These may be hidden or visible, depending on the overall style of the pants. Snaps may be paired up with hook and bar closures, to prevent the bar from pulling away and creating an unsightly gap. Snaps will pop loose under enough pressure, so start with the right fit from the get-go.


A button closure can add style to a pair of pants, but stiff jeans with an all- button fly can make life difficult. If you’re arthritic or just find buttons hard to undo in a hurry, try on pants with more user-friendly closures. One benefit of a button closure is that if you gain or lose a few pounds, you can usually shift a button a few millimeters one way or the other to keep the pants in rotation.

Hook and Bar

Hook and bar closures offer a fast and simple fastening solution, especially on dress pants. This hidden type of closure results in a clean appearance, especially when teamed with a reinforcing button to avoid strain. Hook and bar closures are versatile. Multiple bars can accommodate weight fluctuations and make it easy to accommodate different shirt tail thicknesses.

Hook and Loop

Hook and loop closures are designed primarily to be fast, secure and waterproof. You’ll find these closures primarily on athletic gear. Kid’s clothes often feature this closure type to make it easier for kids to dress themselves. Hook and loop closures are usually covered by a flap, and often sewn or glued in.