OPI Chip Skip is an exclusive nail treatment that prevents nail polish from chipping. The OPI patented formula primes the surface of your nails by eliminating natural oils and creating a cleaner, dryer surface. This process allows nail polish to adhere better and remain chip-free, eliminating the time and hassle of touch-ups. OPI Chip Skip should be applied once a week for long-lasting manicures.

Things You'll Need

Remove existing polish from your nails. Wash your hands thoroughly and dry them off.

Apply one coat of the Chip Skip treatment evenly to all your nails.

Apply a base coat of your favorite polish evenly to all your nails, then apply two coats of your

favorite nail polish. Allow the polish to mostly dry in between coats, and after application.

Finish the process with one coat of your favorite top coat. Allow your nails to completely dry before returning to normal activities.