History has provided us with a wealth of costume ideas. Styles change with cultures, eras, travel and innovations. While trends come back around and many elements of fashion will always repeat themselves, most eras and cultures have a few looks that remind us of that specific time and place in history. Old-fashioned costumes can remind us of ancient Greece or a more recent time, such as our high school years a few decades back

Ancient Looks

Try imitating the earliest humans with very old-fashioned looks. Don some faux fur as an early caveman or glue fig leaves to a flesh-toned garment for a Garden of Eden look. Simple tunics and staffs will also bring to mind early Biblical fashion.

Greek Costumes

A toga is one of the simplest old-fashioned costumes to create. Add a wreath for your head, and you’re back in ancient Greece.

Royal Styles

Choose your favorite era of royalty and copy their style. Think of large Edwardian neck ruffs or Marie Antoinette’s fancy wings, big dresses and decadent shoes.

Pilgrim Costumes

A simple black dress with a white color and black shoes with buckles will give you a pure pilgrim look. Add a bonnet, and you’ll be sure to get a seat on the Mayflower.

Roaring ’20s

A fringe dress and a long, long beaded necklace will make you an instant flapper. If you can’t find fringe, look for a straight dress with a waistline that hits at the hips. This is called a drop waist, and it almost always evokes the 1920s.


A full skirt with a poodle pinned on pairs perfectly with a sweater set and ponytail for a soda shop-ready 1950s look. If you aren’t the preppy kind, channel your inner bad girl with a straight skirt, fitted sweater, black nylons and black flats. Also, skip the pony tails to achieve a great greaser look.

Hippie Era

Go for a hippie look with tie-dye tops and bell bottoms. Add platform shoes and big, round, tinted glasses to finish the look.