Octopus Clip Hairstyles

By Jill Brown

With eight "tentacles" of pure holding power, the octopus clip takes its name from the fearsome sea creature for good reason. The eight curving prongs of an octopus clip grip your hair tightly, allowing little to escape from their hold. This new clip design is a variation of the standard jaw clip, different in that each side of an octopus clip "bows" out a bit, giving it a circular effect for better hold and the freedom to create many fun hairstyles.

Long hair can feel like it's got a mind of its own--an octopus clip can help contain it.


The octopus clip contains hair neatly when you use it as a type of bun "cage." Enclosing the entire bun keeps the twists in place and prevents unruly locks from escaping. Start by making a standard bun, holding your hair as if making a ponytail and twisting it around until the twist coils back on itself and forms a round "bun" shape. With your free hand, open the octopus clip and enclose the bun in the clip's jaws. When you are certain you have the prongs of the clip in the proper place, close the clip as you release the bun from your other hand.


Use mini-octopus clips for holding half-ponytails, styles where the hair on the crown of your head is gathered into a ponytail, but the rest of your hair remains loose. Making a half-pony starts with gathering your hair, which can be casual and messy or neatly parted, from the top and, if you want it, the sides of your head. With this hair, form a ponytail or small bun and secure with the octopus clip.

French Twist

A French twist is notoriously hard to hold in place. An octopus clip provides the gripping power you need without all the pins. Gather a ponytail at the nape of your neck then twist it and fold upward. Tighten as you roll the ponytail and tuck the ends under the roll. Hold the roll in place with an octopus clip.

Classic Up-Do

The classic up-do is a variation of the French twist, except you don't tuck the ponytail under the roll. Instead, you hold your hair in place outside the twist; an octopus clip can make this hairstyle easier to achieve. Form a low ponytail and twist as for the French braid toward the back of your head. Fold the end of the ponytail down and secure with an octopus clip.

Messy Up-Do

A messy up-do provides some variety from the everyday, ubiquitous ponytail, and it only requires a bit more effort, especially if you use an octopus clip. Gather a ponytail at the nape of your neck and twist with an upward motion. Lay the twisted ponytail against your head and grab the thickest part of the twist with the octopus clip. Clip as much of the ponytail as you can, grabbing as close to your scalp as possible for the most durable hold. The ends of the hair will form a funky "spray" from the top of the clip. You may want to curl these ends.