“All in the name of fashion” could be an appropriate slogan for the bodily harm men and women have imposed on themselves over the years to look attractive. History has seen women put themselves at risk of paralysis and broken ribs all to achieve attractively smaller feet and waistlines. In the 21st century, it appears that men and women have yet to learn from their mistakes, as they’re still seen squeezing themselves into uncomfortably tight clothing — namely, skinny jeans.

Abdominal Discomfort

Skinny jeans are named as such because they’re intended for a skinny frame. If you have more of a curvaceous frame or larger leg muscles, double-check how tight those jeans are when you’re sitting down and standing up. Do they feel too tight around your abdomen? Sure, they may look fine for now, but consistently depressing your stomach will only interfere with the intestine and create digestive disorders. Which sounds sexier now: indigestion or boot-cut jeans?

Skin Irritation Down There

Skinny jeans are not for everyone. Beware of how your skin reacts to being constrained. Skin is sensitive in the nether regions, and if too tightly confined, friction between your skin and material can make bacteria prone to travel to that region. Not to mention that there is nothing yeast likes better than a dark, wet place with poor circulation.

Tingling Thigh Syndrome

How silly it is to think there is a disease called “tingling thigh syndrome.” Yet there is, and skintight jeans could be the culprit. It might begin as a tingle on your leg, then maybe an itch or later a pain. Be aware that this might signal nerve damage from the compression of a nerve in the groin close to the surface of your skin. Eventually you’ll feel a shock of pain running from your groin down to your knee. It might be time to rethink your wardrobe before you’re plagued with a pain that could last weeks or even months.

Things Get Twisted

Groin discomfort is a common effect of tight jeans. Yet a majority of men would still choose fashion over comfort. Not the most intelligent choice considering that ill-fitting jeans twist testicles when the spermatic cord is prevented from moving freely and the blood supply is cut off. Surgery is required to prevent a gangrenous testicle. Men, avoid a health hazard by ensuring there is room enough to move in your hip jeans.